Landscape Structures – The Bird Hide

The Bird Hide was the start of it all, my first foray into project managing the build of an oak timber structure.  I spent eight months in 2011 following the Princes Foundation Building Craft Apprenticeship and this was our live build project. The culmination of our learning, a test of all of the skills we’d […]

Oak Framing – Princes Foundation Tutoring

Tutoring that spans 10 weeks, in which 10 students use traditional oak framing techniques. That’s the outline of the live build phase of the annual Princes Foundation Building Craft Apprenticeship. In 2011, I was one of those apprentices and from 2012 onwards I’ve been one of the tutors. I learned new trades alongside expert craftsmen […]

The Threshing Barn

                    In December 2013, I purchased a derelict barn in the centre of Ulverston, a town in southwest Cumbria. Over the next four years, (when time and money allowed) I demolished the existing property and rebuilt a new, two bed house on the same footprint as the […]

The Peach House, Dumfries House Estate

The Peach House, Dumfries House Estate

This project has been an amazing experience. It has been a combination of everything I have learnt since being involved with the Princes Foundation for Building Community. I have embraced the opportunity to design, project manage and build an oak framing structure which has been a goal of mine for some time. I cannot thank […]