Clockhouse Pergola, Wilderness Reserve, Suffolk

Clockhouse Pergola, Wilderness Reserve, Suffolk

About Project

This oak framed pergola adjoins the Clockhouse, at the Wilderness Reserve Estate in Suffolk. The oak structure provides a sheltered outside dining area as well as a car port for this luxury holiday home. The oak structure is traditionally pegged and braced, and over time the oak will weather to a natural silver finish.

Oak: A Natural Material

Oak is a natural material, and if left unfinished, weathers to a silver-grey. This means that not only is it aesthetically pleasing to the eye and low-maintenance, but it can also be put alongside any other natural building material and look in keeping.

At the Clockhouse, the walls are a mixture of red brick, yellow brick, off-white limewash and Suffolk pink limewash (traditionally made of pig’s blood!) The roofs are a mixture of slate, clay tiles and thatch. This array of materials and colours manages to look calm, quiet and traditional, and the oak blends in beautifully alongside. This is because the materials are all united by their warmth and natural qualities. They are all subject to the same weathering, allowing the colours to fade and blend in.

Wilderness Reserve Estate

Jonny has built several oak structures for the luxury holiday cottages at the Wilderness Reserve Estate, including an oak bridge and oak framed extension to Moat Cottage.

April 23, 2018