‘Betts’ – a magical house in the woods. Oak framed cabin.

‘Betts’ – a magical house in the woods. Oak framed cabin.

Introducing Betts: an oak framed woodland cabin, size 3m by 4m, constructed from wind-fallen oak. It’s a flexible outdoor space for socialising and sleeping. If you have some timber and you’re wondering where to start with a project – we love to craft with what’s available and can make it work. There’s something very special about working this way with nature.

Oak framed woodland cabin or shed.

Woodland cabin: the oak framing process

Wind fallen oak was taken from the clients garden and this oak framed cabin was designed around the timber available – with sizes of logs dictating the size of the structure. A mobile saw mill was taken into the woods and this converted the timber into beams, flooring and cladding.

Sustainability and low carbon building

This project went from wind fallen oak to a magical little cabin on site, so we were pleased with how sustainable we could be with this. With the addition of reclaimed doors and windows, this structure really is low-carbon building at its simplest.

Oak framed woodland cabin reclaimed window.

The sawdust from this project went back into the woodland it came from, so that’s nice and sustainable too and will help to grow more trees in the future. If you’re using ‘woody waste’ for gardening, the RHS; Royal Horticultural Society, have some top tips for green fingers.

If you have a small project in mind, we’d love to chat it through – Jonny is on 07985410476. Dens, cabin, shelters and tree houses are loads of fun.

We can also help to recommend any extras, including the perfect log-burner for those autumn and winter evenings. Cabins can be year round hideaways.

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