Timber Framed Carport, Kilchoan Estate, Scotland

Timber Framed Carport, Kilchoan Estate, Scotland

About Project

This timber framed carport is constructed of Douglas fir, with a slate roof.

A carport – the perfect hybrid

A carport is the perfect halfway house between a garage and a parking space. It provides some structure to a parking area, and shelter for the vehicles. This comes in very handy on those cold and frosty Scottish mornings – no more defrosting the windscreen! It is a lighter touch (and lower cost) option, compared with a garage. You can see through it to the garden beyond, and it doesn’t block the light. It’s also much more practical for everyday parking than a garage, as its always open. No faffing around with doors, or filling the garage with so many bikes and boxes that there’s no room to park the car!

The versatility of a timber framed outbuilding

The beauty of timber framing is that it is so versatile. This client wanted three open bays in which to park cars, but this design could easily be adapted to have one or two closed bays, for storing garden tools and a lawnmower – or perhaps a car that requires a bit more protection from the Scottish elements than the Land Rover!

A timber frame is just the starting point of the design process, and as each project we do is completely bespoke, the combination of open and closed space is entirely up to you. If you’re looking for outbuilding inspiration, head to our projects page, or have a look at the Clockhouse Pergola, which is a little more light touch than this one.

Kilchoan Estate

Kilchoan Estate is a cultural and educational enterprise in rewilding, preservation and sustainability for the benefit of the people of Argyll and the world. We’ve built a number of timber frames for the estate, including this oak framed bridge.

May 14, 2020