Oak Framed Bridge, Kilchoan Estate, Scotland

Oak Framed Bridge, Kilchoan Estate, Scotland

About Project

This oak framed bridge provides access across a fast flowing burn at this estate on the West Coast of Scotland.

The Design Process

At the initial design stage we produced a number of sketches for the client, with different ideas as to what the bridge could look like.

There are two main options for the form of a bridge; either flat or arched. This oak framed bridge has a flat deck but an arched structure below.

Patriotic Balustrading

The client opted for the balustrading design which references the Scottish flag, very appropriate for the location.

Oak Framed Bridge

Oak is a particularly appropriate material on this project for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it is very good at dealing with the wet Scottish climate. The oak used here is sourced from Wales, and the fact that it has been grown in a wet climate means it will function well as a building material here. This is just one reason why we always source British oak.

Secondly, the burn that runs beneath it is liable to flash flood, as it takes a huge amount of water from the hills above down to the sea below. This means that the bridge has to deal with water from above and below, so needs to be a very hardy material. Oak is a slow grown hardwood, and is one of the most durable species of timber you can use in construction.

Finally, in this natural woodland environment, oak blends in. It is also a lightweight material, when compared to steel or stone, so its impact on the surrounding environment is less.

Read more about the process of constructing this bridge in our blog post. For more bridge inspiration, head to our bridge projects page.

Kilchoan Estate

Kilchoan Estate is a cultural and educational enterprise in rewilding, preservation and sustainability for the benefit of the people of Argyll and the world.

May 11, 2020