Farmhouse Trusses, Kilchoan Estate, Scotland

Farmhouse Trusses, Kilchoan Estate, Scotland

About Project

We made and installed these Douglas fir trusses as part of the renovation of a farmhouse on the Kilchoan Estate.

King Post Trusses

A truss is what we call the triangular timber framework formed by two principal rafters and a tie beam. There are various different types of trusses; king post, queen post, raised collar – to name a few.

These Douglas fir trusses are a bit of a hybrid. They have a king post – the vertical post that runs from the tie beam up to the apex where the two principal rafters meet. But they are also raised collar tie trusses, as the tie beam (the horizontal member) is raised up from the eaves – a very handy way to get more headroom out of a roof space. So they could be called ‘raised collar tie king post trusses’ – which is rather a mouthful!

These farmhouse trusses also have a rather lovely feature called a ‘slung arch brace’. This is where the braces (diagonal pieces of timber often found connecting a post and a beam at a corner) sit tight into the corner, with no gap between them and the timbers they are connecting. This is a more unusual style than the classic curved brace that you’ll see in some of our other projects.

This combination of a king post, raised collar tie, and slung arched braces, means that these trusses are very sturdy. They also have a sleek simplicity, and give the room a timeless classic feel.

Kilchoan Estate

Kilchoan Estate is a cultural and educational enterprise in rewilding, preservation and sustainability for the benefit of the people of Argyll and the world.

May 11, 2020