Doocot, Gardyne Castle, Angus

Doocot, Gardyne Castle, Angus

About Project

This complex structure was commissioned as part of the reinstatement of the historic walled garden to this Scottish estate. A tapering circular stone base supports a timber lantern above, with a concave conical roof clad in slate and lead. The circular nature of this building provided an enjoyable challenge, but has resulted in a unique and striking structure at the entrance to the castle.

This structure also showcases the fine joinery side of Jonny’s work. Tilting louvres shutters, casement windows, running curved mouldings and other decorative features were made from painted Accoya – a ‘pickled’ softwood which is renowned for its stability and longevity in wet conditions. The internal curved oak staircase provided yet another geometrical challenge.

Jonny Briggs was instrumental in realising our very complex project. He took on the wide range of challenges with relish and showed an exceptional level of creativity and craftsmanship. He has been a real pleasure to work with throughout. I’m already planning our next project!

William Grey Muir. Gardyn Castle.

March 23, 2018
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