Chinese Bridge Pagoda, Dumfries House, Scotland

Chinese Bridge Pagoda, Dumfries House, Scotland

About Project

We constructed the double curved timber roof of the pagoda at the centre of the Chinese Bridge at Dumfries House. The roof is clad in copper and supports four carved dragons, painted in gold leaf.

Inspiration from History

The inspiration for the bridge came from an original drawing by Scottish architect Robert Weir Schultz dated 1899. Although the design today has departed slightly from the original drawing, the bridge retains its elegance and the delicate curve of the roof.

A Curved Copper Roof

We were a specialist sub-contractor on this project, tasked with constructing the double curved timber roof of the central pagoda. Due to the inaccessible location and height of the bridge, we constructed the roof in its entirety off site, including the copper cladding. A crane then lifted it onto the steel framed bridge in one piece, minimising any risk of damage to the complex and fragile roof structure. Once in place, we then mounted the four golden dragons onto the corners of the roof. You can watch the entire process of the construction of the bridge here.

Dumfries House

Dumfries House was famously saved by Prince Charles in 2007, and has since become a hub for learning. Jonny has worked on a number of landscape structures on the estate, including the Peach House, the Woodland Shelter, and several bridges. He also built the Farm Education Centre where school children come to learn about farming.

March 23, 2018