Jonny Briggs

Shelter · Structure · Sculpture


Combining a genuine love of building, making and creating, Jonny Briggs engages with clients to offer a complete design and build process.

Quality materials, natural resources and highly skilled craftspeople are combined to create shelters, structures and sculptures with an inherent beauty, environmental integrity and longevity.

After completing an apprenticeship in carpentry and joinery in January 2011, Jonny worked as a sole trader, but soon felt restricted and frustrated at the lack of creativity and uninspiring nature of the work. Jonny completed a nine-month programme run by the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community. The building craft apprenticeship allows students who have a genuine interest in traditional building, sustainability and design to learn from master craftspeople around the UK.

Jonny now specialises in the design and build of traditional timber frames, structural timber work and bespoke furniture.