Buntingsdale Hall, Shropshire

Buntingsdale Hall, Shropshire

Buntingsdale Hall, Shropshire

For the past 5 weeks I have been working at Buntingsdale Hall, it is owned by the Macworth Family. I had the chance to make some curved steps, curved louvred door frame and door, and a jetty.

The first week was spent easing, fixing and recording the many sash windows. The later part of the week was spent designing and pricing up a set of curved steps. I worked out the geometry of the room to find the curve. Scale drawings were then produced to work out the quantities of the timber required. I really enjoyed getting my head round the curves, its hard because there is nothing square to work off. The steps were ready for a visit from our education manager from the Prince’s Foundation.

The next project was to replace some doors that went into the cellar. With a biomass boiler on the way, we made a pair of small doors for logs and timber to be throw into, and a large door with louvres for venting.

The other project we undertook was to build a jetty on the lake. We were keen to use the resources that surrounded the lake. We felled some alder trees for the pilings. The pilings were cut to length, stripped of bark and then charred on a fire. The main joist was a 7m alder tree split down the middle.

For the deck we split down Ash, we tried with the Alder but it twisted too much. The Ash was really nice to split, we used an axe and oak wedges. This was a really nice project, the materials all came from within 100m of the jetty. It fits in with its surroundings where a sawn timber jetty would look out of place.

I really enjoyed myself, it was more a lifestyle than a placement. The commute to work consisted of walking downstairs to the workshop or driving the dumper to the lake.

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